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Türkiye Tax Compliance Software

The first reliable and easy-to-use global e-transformation solutions to comply with the regulations in Turkey.


Our e-transformation solutions meet all obligations, standards and formats set by the Revenue Administration (GIB).

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E-Invoice compliance allows you to create and send invoices efficiently in the digital environment; while giving you the peace of mind of being compatible today and preparing you for tomorrow.

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E-Archive Invoice

Send invoices to companies, end consumers and taxpayers who are not registered in the e-invoice system.

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As of July 1, 2020, businesses with annual sales revenue of more than 25 million TL are required to switch to the e-Waybill application.

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Reduce your carbon footprint by storing your ledgers electronically on our e-ledger platform.

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e-SMM (electronic self-employment receipt) is a self-employment receipt issued by self-employed members electronically.

Self-employed persons such as lawyers, dentists, doctors, financial advisors and architects are obliged to issue the self-employment receipt electronically, according to the latest communiqué.

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